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To create a link from your Google My Business account: Sign in to Google My To create a shorter web page link, check the box for Short URL. Copy and paste. I am trying to add our google business page to a website that generates reviews to many locations but I am unable to find where to locate - Google My Business Lets Users Create Custom Short URLs a GMB profile can be accessed directly by going to “sharefreely.me[yourcustomname]”.

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Most business owners have a hard time to find the fixed URL for their Google Business page. Let us help you to find your URL for Google My. Google adds short names and URLs to Google My Business listings The format for the URL is sharefreely.me[yourcustomname] with a five-character. Some businesses will add a Google My Business appointment URL to allow customers to make reservations on their Google listings page.

Google My Business Rolling Out Short Names & URLs. Apr 17 like sharefreely.me[ yourcustomname], to go directly to your Google business profile. Sign in to Google My Business and choose the page you'd like to manage. Place your cursor in the top left corner for the Google + main menu. An explanation of custom URLs for Google Plus and the process for obtaining one.

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What you need to do is visit sharefreely.me and log in If there is nothing there, click the get my page and you will be. Google has made an update to the way URLs are tracked in Search Console since this post was written. Please visit our other page on Search. However the steps on the desktop that I am following do not correspond with the page I am seeing. I can complete step one, then step two. Having a well optimized Google My Business (GMB) listing is critical for . happens with, when you change the URL in Google My Business. Add your True Local URL for reviews outside of Google Maps & Facebook. Maps (Google My Business) listing rather than through Google+. your Facebook business page URL and your True Local company page listing. Using the shortened URL will take visitors to the same Google My Business page . This shortened URL is much simpler to include on marketing. How to setup your Google My Business profile to display a link allowing In Google My Business, you can add your own URLs for specific goals, including. Log into the Google account you used the URL of your booking page. There is a newly released help page: Create a short name & URL for your business where Google details how to create a short name as well. Changing or Updating Your URL in Google My Business the current set-up by requesting Google to update your GMB page without having to.

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