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Alexandria is the second-largest city in Egypt and a major economic centre, extending about 32 .. The Pope of Alexandria was second only to the bishop of Rome, the capital of the Roman Empire until The Church of Alexandria had . The history of Alexandria dates back to the city's founding, by Alexander the Great, in BC. After Alexandria's status as the country's capital ended, it fell into a long decline, which by the late Ottoman period, had seen it reduced to little . Once among the greatest cities of the Mediterranean world and a centre of Hellenic scholarship and science, Alexandria was the capital of Egypt from its.

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He founded Alexandria in the small port town of Rhakotis by the sea and set about the task of turning it into a great capital. It is said that he. Ptolemy recognizes in Alexandria the natural advantages which had attracted Alexander to the site. He makes it his capital and. Since Alexandria came to replace the previous Egyptian capital of Memphis, and Tyre, a significant port city, was destroyed by Alexander, the.

Alexandria was an important city of the ancient world. For more than two thousand years, it was the largest city in Egypt and was its capital for almost half of that. Greek Capital of Egypt - ALEXANDRIA - Africa - Cities That Shaped the Ancient World - by John Julius Norwich. Founded by Alexander the Great in BC, Alexandria became the centre of culture for centuries, and it remained Egypt´s capital for nearly a thousand years.

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Some of the later capitals include Memphis, Thebes, Avaris, Akhetaten, Tanis, Sais, and Alexandria. Memphis - Memphis was the capital of Egypt from BC . Why did the Arabs move the Egyptian capital from Alexandria to Cairo? Wasn't Alexandria supposed to be one of the greatest cities in the world. The port city of Alexandria was “the greatest mental crucible the .. located capital, Cairo, just opposite the ancient capital of Memphis, and the. The seaport also became the financial and political center of the country while Cairo remained the political capital of Egypt. By World War I, Alexandria's. Comparison Between Alexandria and Ancient Rome Alexandria was the capital of the West, the 3rd Nome of Lower Egypt, Icon: Romulus and Remus. Alexander selected the site for a new capital: Alexandria. His successors in Egypt , the Ptolemies, built Alexandria, and made it the intellectual. When Arab conquerors arrived in the seventh century A.D., they built a new capital at Cairo. But Alexandria's commercial and intellectual life continued until. Capital Views: Historic Photographs of Washington, DC, Alexandria and Loudoun County, Virginia, and Frederick County, Maryland [James M. Goode] on . Founded by Alexander the Great (Iskander al-Akbar) in BC, Alexandria became the capital of Greco-Roman Egypt; its status as a beacon of culture is. Tarrytown, NY – August 30, – Alexandria Capital, LLC and FIC Capital, Inc. today announced their intention to merge. The combination is expected to.

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